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Philodendron Pluto Variegated 'Caramel Marble' **COLLECTOR LEVEL PLANT** 4"

Philodendron Pluto Variegated 'Caramel Marble' **COLLECTOR LEVEL PLANT** 4"

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The pictures do not do this plant justice because it will take your breath away when you see it. The caramel coloring on this one is so deep and beautiful. I do not think that you would be able to find a caramel marble with this variegation that is established and actively growing. A new leaf is just about ready to unfurl. This Philodendron is not picky and can be acclimated to your superior collection anywhere you keep your exotic houseplants. 

Light: bright, indirect

Water: when the top 1-2" is dry

Environment: ambient house

The plant that you see is the plant that you will receive. I highly recommend doing next day shipping on something of this caliber. Shipping on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please reach out with any questions. 

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